Interest Groups

Interest groups provide opportunities for Guild members to form new friendships and build stronger bonds with longtime friends while doing something one enjoys.  Some groups meet in the daytime while others may meet in the evening.  The type of group is only limited by the willingness of a member to coordinate the group.  We are always looking for new things to do and ways to share our interests with one another.  If you have a general question about an existing or new group, click here to send an email

  • Currently, in-person gatherings are suspended due to the COVID pandemic.

Rowdy Readers Book Club

Coordinators: Shelley Melvin (Click here to contact Shelley)

This group meets in members’ homes on the fourth Thursday of each month in the daytime for a lively and informative discussion.  Books are selected based on recommendations from group members.  Traditionally, lunch at a nearby restaurant follows the meeting.


Book Club

Book Club

Adventure Group

Coordinators: Pam Beck (Click here to contact Pam) and Kim Horsburgh (Click here to contact Kim)

Each month, we gather for an adventure that has included kayaking, walking and hiking, tours of parks, backstage at the theater, tours of the Harn and Cade Museums, and cooking demos.  The sky is the limit for this group!

The Yearling

The Yearling Restaurant


Movie Goers

Coordinators:  Joanne Licht and Arlene D’Alli (Click here to contact Arlene)

This well-attended group meets monthly to enjoy one of the latest featured films.  Afterwards, the group meets at a local restaurant to discuss the movie.

Contact Arlene for more information or to add your name to the email list.

Downton Abbey

Movie Goers See Downton Abbey

Let’s Try It! Lunch Group

Coordinators:  Lynn Newman (Click here to contact Lynn) and Kathy Mladinich (Click here to contact Kathy)

Each month, this group enjoys a casual lunch together at a local restaurant chosen by a different member.  It is a fun way to try out new venues and spend time with friends, both old and new.