About Us

The Guild’s mission is to promote friendship among its members and to provide philanthropic support to UF Health and the communities it serves.

The UF Medical Guild was founded in 1959 by faculty wives of the UF College of Medicine that was newly chartered in 1956. The Guild’s membership expanded in 2017 to include anyone who supports the mission of the Guild, which has remained steadfast throughout its long history.

In earlier years, the Guild ran a series of rummage sales as fundraisers.  By 1964, these had evolved into the annual Antique Fair and Sale which fundraised over $250,000 during its 30-year run.

Since 1972, through members’ volunteer efforts and giving, we have donated nearly $1.9 million dollars in the form of:

  • Student scholarships and awards
  • Grants to UF Health and the community of Alachua County
  • Special gifts to UF Health, including a $250,000 endowment

Volunteering at the three Gift Stops located at UF Health Shands Hospitals in Gainesville is the Guild’s primary source of income to fund our philanthropies to UF Health and the UF Academic Health Science Center.  Since 1980, these volunteer efforts have contributed over $1.02 million dollars to the Guild!  Additional funding for community projects is achieved annually through an internal gift-giving drive (Letter Writing Campaign).

The Guild meets monthly from September through April.  Meetings consist of a brief business meeting, interesting speakers, activities, field trips, and lunch/dinner.  For members who cannot attend the daytime meetings, there are two evening meetings.

Several interest groups afford opportunities to discuss books, participate in adventures, watch movies, or explore local lunch venues.  Many members serve on the board and on committees which keep the Guild moving forward.

Keep up with Medical Guild News

  • Our electronic newsletter (UPDATE) is emailed to members in September through April, excluding December.