Officers and Committees 2019-2020


President:  Christine Riggs

Vice-President:  Suzi Graham

Recording Secretaries: Pam Beck and Beverly Smith

Corresponding Secretary:  Darlene Cappello

Treasurer: Diane Yang

Parliamentarian: Karan Schwartz

Standing Committee Chairs/Coordinators

Finance:  Kathryn Seagle (Chair)

Gift Stop:  Linda Allegra

Information Resources:

Newsletter (UPDATE):  Linda Allegra

Yearbook:  Suzi Graham (Chair)

Website:  Mary Fossum

     Facebook: Tina Rivkees

Membership:  Suzi Graham

Nominating:  Diane Yang (Chair)

Mini Medical School:  Marissa Fernan-Taasan

Programs:  Co-Chairs Tricia Gregory, Debbie (DJ) Jones, and Mary Fossum

Awards, Endowments, & Scholarships:  Mary Benedict (Chair)

Social:  Jenny Borchelt (Chair)

Special Projects:  Diane Yang (Chair)

Ways and Means:  Sue Gaintner (Chair)

60th Anniversary Celebration (Ad Hoc):  Lynn Newman (Chair)